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I’ve been returning lately to an old fixation of mine lately…composer, pianist, keyboard player Harold Budd. Ever since my first exposure to his albums with Brian Eno, Plateaux of Mirror and the Pearl, I’ve been fascinated with his lush, dreamy sound.

There’s some new releases in the air…

Harold Budd – Perhaps (Root Strata)

First time on CD, originally for 2007 download only on David Sylvian’s Samadhi Sound label. Solo piano, recorded live December 8, 2006 at CalArts, as part of a James Tenney Memorial. October 15, 2013  release.

Harold Budd, Jane Maru – Jane 1-11 (Darla)

This just came out this year…now reissued with a DVD: “DVD video accompaniment to each track on Harold Budd’s most recent album Jane 1-11 by esteemed visual artist Jane Maru.” 1/14/2014 release.

Harold Budd – Avalon Sutra (Darla)

Remaster/reissue: “Darla Records presents a remastered reissue of Avalon Sutra, Harold Budd’s 2004 masterpiece originally released on David Sylvian’s SamadhiSound label.” 1/14/2014 release.

Harold Budd – Wind in Lonely Faces (All Saints)

All Saints 2 CD comp, with selections from Plateaux of Mirror, the Pearl, Lovely Thunder and other albums. November 26, 2013 release.

Harold Budd – Buddbox (All Saints)

“An anthology of releases by Harold Budd is being released by All Saints Records in November. Buddbox collects seven albums from the 1980s and 90s: The Serpent (In Quicksilver) (1981), Abandoned Cities (1984), The White Arcades (1987), By The Dawn’s Early Light (1991), Music For 3 Pianos (1992), Through The Hill (1994, recorded with XTC’s Andy Partridge) and Luxa (1996).” – the Wire

This box maybe vinyl only. Seven discs. November 26, 2013 release.

“All Saints are also issuing a 2CD retrospective, plus vinyl represses of The Serpent (In Quicksilver), Abandoned Cities and Through The Hill in editions of 500.” – the Wire

Whew…I think that’s it for now. Make a comment if you know any more news.

11/3/2013 update: All Saints pushed the release dates forward into December 2013 (Amazon shows the new date). Buddbox will have 7 CDs with a 76 page book.



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