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marc1-1920x768Discography for Marc Copland, jazz pianist. A work in progress, check back for updates.

My Foolish Heart (Jazz City) John Abercrombie, Gary Peacock, Jeff Hirshfield

All Blues At Night (Jazz City) Tim Hagans, Peacock, Bill Stewart
At Night (Sunnyside) Gary Peacock and Billy Hart

Arabesque (Amethyst) Billy Hart group with Marc Copland, tracks 5 & 6

Songs Without End (Jazz City) duets with Ralph Towner

Paradiso (Soul Note) Gary Peacock and Billy Hart
Stompin’ with Savoy (Savoy) Randy Brecker, Bob Berg, James Genus, Dennis Chambers

Second Look (Savoy) John Abercrombie, Drew Gress, Billy Hart

Softly (Savoy) Michael Brecker, Tim Hagans, Joe Lovano, Gary Peacock, Bill Stewart

Between the Lines (Steeplechase) duets with Tim Hagans
That’s for Sure (Challenge) John Abercrombie, Kenny Wheeler

Poetic Motion (Sketch) Solo piano
Double Play (Steeplechase) duets with Vic Juris
Haunted Heart and Other Ballads (Hatology) Drew Gress, Jochen Rueckert
Lunar (Hatology) Dave Liebman, Mike McGuirk, Tony Martucci

Bookends (Steeplechase) duets with David Liebman

Round and Round (Nagel Heyer) duets with with Greg Osby
Brand New (Challenge) John Abercrombie, Kenny Wheeler
And… (Hatology) Michael Brecker, John Abercrombie, Drew Gress, Jochen Rueckert

Night Call (Nagel Heyer) duets with with Greg Osby
What it Says (Sketch) duets with with Gary Peacock

Time Within Time (Hatology) Solo piano
No Choice (Minium) duets with with Bill Carrothers

Both/And (Nagel Heyer) Randy Brecker, Ed Howard, Victor Lewis

Some Love Songs (Pirouet) Drew Gress, Jochen Rueckert

Modinha—NY Trios Vol. 1 (Pirouet) Gary Peacock, Bill Stewart

Voices—NY Trios Vol. 2 (Pirouet) Gary Peacock, Paul Motian

Night Whispers-NY Trios Vol. 3 (Pirouet) Drew Gress, Bill Stewart
Another Place (Pirouet) John Abercrombie, Drew Gress, Billy Hart

Insight (Pirouet) duo with Gary Peacock
Alone (Pirouet) solo piano

Contact (Pirouet) Dave Liebman, John Abercrombie, Gress, Billy Hart

Crosstalk (Pirouet) Greg Osby, Doug Weiss, Victor Lewis
Speak With Me (Pirouet) duo with John Abercrombie

Some More Love Songs (Pirouet) Drew Gress, Jochen Rueckert

39 Steps (ECM) John Abercrombie Quartet with Drew Gress, Joey Baron

Now This (ECM) Gary Peacock trio with Joey Barron

Zenith (Innervoice Jazz) Copland, Ralph Alessi Drew Gress, Joey Baron

Tangents (ECM) Gary Peacock trio with Joey Barron
Up and Coming (ECM) John Abercrombie Quartet with Drew Gress, Joey Baron
Sticks And Stones (CD Baby) Roddy Ellias trio with Adrian Vedady
Better By Far (Innervoice Jazz) with Ralph Alessi, Drew Gress & Joey Baron
Nightfall (Innervoice Jazz) solo piano

Gary (illusions) the music of Gary Peacock, solo piano
Quartette Oblique (Sunnyside Records)


39024266_10216937003280983_8812396030868848640_nKarl Berger and Ed Blackwell – Just Play
Sun Ra – Discipline 27-II
Sun Ra – Pleiades: a Jazz Symphonique
Sun Ra – Astro Black
Henry Cow – the Road, vol.1-4
John Greaves and Peter Blegvad – Kew. Rhone.
Keith Jarrett – Rio
Wayne Shorter – Night Dreamer
Lotte Anker, Fred Frith – Edge of the Light
Trio 3 + Irène Schweizer – Berne Concert
Marc Copland – Modinha – New York Trio Recordings, Vol. 1
Kyle Gann – Custer And Sitting Bull
Thomas Köner – Nunatak Gongamur
Thomas Köner – Teimo
Thomas Köner – Permafrost
Brian Eno Music for Films, vol. 2 & 3
Klaus Schulze – Timewind
Klaus Schulze – Moondawn
Klaus Schulze – Irrlicht
Klaus Schulze – Cyborg

in house FAX festival, including:

Dr. Atmo & Ramin – Sad World I & II
+N (Victor Sol and Atom Heart) – Plane
Pete Namlook – Air I & II
Bill Laswell – Outer Dark
Bill Laswell – Outland I-4
Dandy Jack and Victor Sol – XJacks
Atom Heart – Softcore
Pete Namlook and Jonah Sharp – Alien Community I & II
Pete Namlook – Air
Charles Uzzell-Edwards – Octopus
Chris Meloche – Wireless

filepuwXT.jpg.fullKyle Gann – Custer And Sitting Bull (New World Records)

Kyle Gann’s Custer And Sitting Bull (1995-99) illustrates a historic meeting, the composer narrates both parts in their own words. Synthesizers tuned to the system of just intonation unfold with stunning new textures and harmony as the story progresses. Scales with 20-30 pitches are full of unheard territory. In this case, Gann reminds one of a modern day Harry Partch with his microtonal opera and synths.

Poet Kenneth Patchen’s And What with the Blunders is the source of the text of So Many Little Dyings (1994). Read over loops of birds and ocean, a microtonal toy piano and sampler guitar…we find out the value of so many little dyings…repetition is a form of change.

Both of these pieces were released in earlier versions, the concluding composition on this album was not. Soprano Martha Herr premiered Scenario in 2012, singing SJ Perelman’s collage of movie world clichés. A Technicolor collage of words and shifting microtonal music stream forth…

David Beardsley

this review originally appeared in the Downtown Music Gallery newsletter, August 9, 2018

35805502_639224376421072_7355064196557438976_nI lost my phone, so I lost my list of things I was listening to last month, but here’s a few things from memory.

Nikhil Banerjee – Fond Memories Air India Radio, vol 1-5
Alla Rakha Zakir Hussain – Tabla Duet
Debashish Bhattacharya – O Shakuntala!
Wadada Leo Smith & Ed Blackwell The Blue Mountain’s Sun Drummer
Don Cherry & Latif Khan – Music Sangam
Old and New Dreams – Tribute to Blackwell
Karl Berger – Transit
Anthony Braxton ‎– Piano Music (Notated) 1968-1988
Marc Copland – Nightfall
Andrew Drury – My Fingers Will Be Your Tears
Del Sol String Quartet, Terry Riley – Dark Queen Mantra
Tim Miller – Trio


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