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I included Nels Cline and Julian Lage’s Room in my Notable releases of 2014 list. It’s quite a stunning album of guitar duets. Here’s an audience video and a Fretboard Journal interview.

Nels Cline and Julian Lage
Ottawa Jazzfest 06/25/14

Fretboard Journal Live: Nels Cline and Julian Lage

“On January 14, 2015, the Fretboard Journal welcomed guitarists Julian Lage and Nels Cline (Wilco) to our headquarters for this installment of Fretboard Journal Live. Lage and Cline discuss how they met through jazz legend Jim Hall; they talk about the gear they’re using for their duo gigs (a Gibson Barney Kessel Custom for Cline; a Linda Manzer archtop for Lage); and they discuss the art of improvisation.

Cline and Lage perform three tunes from ‘Room,’ their debut album together.”


6a00d83451cb2869e200e55226b5b08834-640wiBecome River
John Luther Adams
Composed 2012-2013


Steven Schick and I were having dinner together. I was just beginning work on a large-scale piece for the Seattle Symphony. So when Steve asked me if I might be interested in composing a new piece for The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, I must have hesitated.

Deftly, Steve asked me to tell him a little about the Seattle piece.

I went on at length about the music I’d begun to imagine, finally concluding:

“It’s called Become Ocean. The title comes from a poem that John Cage wrote in honor of Lou Harrison.”

Cage observed that the breadth and variety of Harrison’s music make it “resemble a river in delta.” He concluded that:

“Listening to it we become ocean.”

“So you’re already composing a symphonic ocean,” Steve said. “Maybe for a smaller orchestra you could go ahead and compose that river in delta.”

Steve had me, and I knew it. Within a week I’d begun work on Become River.

From a single high descending line, this music gradually expands into a delta of melodic streams flowing toward the depths.

I now imagine this river and its related ocean, as part of a larger series of pieces encompassing desert, mountain, tundra, and perhaps other landscapes and waterscapes.




songbirdsongs *

 Opus One


A Northern Suite/Night Peace

 Opus One


Forest Without Leaves

 Owl Records


The Far Country * 

New Albion


Earth and the Great Weather

New World Records


Clouds of Forgetting, Clouds of Unknowing *

New World Records


Dark Wind

Cold Blue Music


The Light That Fills the World *

Cold Blue Music


In the White Silence *

New World Records


Strange and Sacred Noise

Mode Records


The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies *

Cantaloupe Music


for Lou Harrison *

New World Records


red arc/blue veil * 

Cold Blue Music


The Place We Began *

Cold Blue Music


Four Thousand Holes 

Cold Blue Music



Mode Records



Cantaloupe Music


Become Ocean * 

Cantaloupe Music


The Wind in High Places *

Cold Blue Music


Just Strings, John Luther Adams, Lou Harrison *

Microfest Records



Cantaloupe Music


The Stone People

Cantaloupe Music

* = listen

2012 – Cold Blue Two (Cold Blue artist compilation with Sky with Four Sons by John Luther Adams )

2012 – Cornelius Dufallo – Journaling (Innova, includes Three High Places by John Luther Adams with Cornelius Dufallo, Violin/Electronics)


Alex Ross’ rough diagram of Become Ocean.

52nd Street, NYC

52nd Street, NYC

Bill Evans, Jim Hall – Intermodulation
Paul Bley – Jaco
Paul Bley – Japan Suite
Sid Jacobs – Bill Evans Guitar (instructional book CD)
Steve Kuhn – Childhood is Forever
Guitar Sounds from Lenny Breau
Joe Pass – Virtuoso #2
Mick Goodrick – Biorhythms
John Abercrombie – Current Events
John Abercrombie – Animato
Karl Berger, Dave Holland, Ed Blackwell – Transit
Kenny Wheeler – Windmill Tilter
Chad Wackerman – Forty Reasons
Allan Holdsworth – Secrets
Petr Nouzovský – Mirror Reflections
Fennesz – Black Sea
John Luther Adams – the Wind in High Places

Paul Bley Trio – JAPAN SUITE I & II [1976]

Harold Budd“I then had the good fortune to meet the abstract expressionist artist, Mark Rothko. He asked me my age. I replied, ‘In my early 40s.’ Rothko said “I didn’t make a living until I was over 50”. We sat around looking at the paintings that would eventually become Rothko Chapel in Houston. We were sitting around smoking and drinking Scotch. Morton Feldman was with us too, talking about life, booze and chicks. So I thought, ‘ok, I’ll stick it out’. Rothko gave me encouragement.” – Harold Budd, Record Collector Christmas 2013 by Paul Rigby

complete interview, here.



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