Frank Zappa – Philadelphia 76
Meredith Monk – Dolmen Music
Focus – Live at the Rainbow
Harold Budd – Three White Roses and a Budd
Gentle Giant – Free Hand
Gentle Giant – In a Glass House
Steve Hillage – For To Next – And Not Or
Dorothy Ashby – Hip Harp
Dorothy Ashby – Afro-Harping
The Rubyat of Dorothy Ashby
Dorothy Ashby – Dorthy’s Harp
Philip Catherine – Nairam
Samla Mammas Manna – Samla Mammas Manna
Pete Namlook – Permutations
Pascal Roge – Ravel: Piano Works


from the Sam Rivers Sessonography

77.00.00 (3) • Sam Rivers & Stanley Crouch Duo [Street Fight]
“Summer, 1977” / Soho, New York City

1. smooth uppercut [0:01]
Sam Rivers (probably a right), Stanley Crouch (on the chin)

“I saw Stanley Crouch get decked by Sam Rivers one time, that was a great experience, Sam Rivers laid him out cold right on the stage.”
—Eugene Chadbourne [WIRE #117 November 1993 p.40]

“The book begins with thumbnail sketches of the various jazz styles that have evolved over the past century—bop, boogie-woogie, cool, free improv, etc.—and concludes with longer essays on history and genre, the earlier ones mostly by Scott Yanow and some excellent later ones by Eugene Chadbourne including ‘Loft Jazz’, the ‘NYC Scene 1980-2000’ and the ‘Chicago Scene 1980-2000’. Chadbourne explains how tension rose as critic Stanley Crouch and saxophonist Sam Rivers organised rival loft festivals in Summer 1977; in a fight on the streets of SoHo, Rivers got the better of Crouch, which some believe began the latter’s dislike of avant garde jazz.”
—All Music Guide To Jazz reviewed by Andy Hamilton [WIRE #232 p.82]

“What some considered the death knell of the loft jazz scene came in the Summer of 1977, which found Sam Rivers and Stanley Crouch organizing festivals scheduled for the same time, on the same street. Rivers noticed that many of the same musicians he was presenting were advertised for Crouch’s surprise event, and delivered an ultimatum that anyone participating in Crouch’s festival would be cancelled from RivBea. Since Crouch’s was strictly a door-money deal (no guarantees), many musicians bowed out of Crouch’s festival. At least one musician opted for RivBea, not because of the ultimatum, but upon learning of plans to tape his show & possibly make a record (without working out pay for the musicians who’d be recorded). Tensions heightened, and finally climaxed on the streets of Soho when a fight broke out, and Sam Rivers purportedly delivered a “smooth uppercut” to the competition; an event that some believe to be the source of Crouch’s dislike of avant-garde jazz.”
—Eugene Chadbourne [www.allmusic.com]

“Let’s set the record straight. I was there, in front of Joe Lee Wilson’s The Ladies Fort, taking photos. Sam did come hustling up 2nd Street and confronted Crouch, but no punches were thrown by either party. Sam was particularly mad that Crouch had decided to put on a festival at the Tin Palace in conflict with the one Sam had going on around the corner at Rivbea. Joe Lee was also booked. The problem was not only the temporal overlap, but the musician overlap. Crouch was trying to take over the scene. He was succeeding. That night at Sam’s, Hamiett Bluiett came out solo, dressed in a dashiki, and angrily lectured the audience on ‘free music.’ ‘My music ain’t free; you got to pay,’ he insisted.
He then blew away the house. That was the death knell for Rivbea.”
—William Ellenberg 12.12.24

Sam Rivers confirmed to me in conversation that he had indeed knocked Stanley down. —RL
{Eugene Chadbourne; WIRE #117 November 1993 p.40; WIRE #232 p.82; http://www.allmusic.com}

Barry Harris at the Jazz Workshop
Baby Face Willette – Behind the Eight Ball
Charlie Christian – Genius of Electric Guitar, disc 1 & 2
The Exciting New Organ of Don Patterson
Joe Henderson – Page One
Sonny Stitt and Barry Harris – NYC Jazz Masters ’72
Keith Jarrett – Staircase
Harold Budd – Glyph
Harold Budd – Perhaps
Henry Cow – Western Culture
Henry Cow – Unrest
Stickmen – Deep
Stickmen – Open
Chick Corea – Solo Piano, 2014
Chick Corea – Further Explorations
Chick Corea – Childrens Songs
Einojuhani Rautavarra – Angel of Light, Annunciations
Einojuhani Rautavarra – Cantus Arcticus, Piano Concerto no.1
Einojuhani Rautavarra – Symphony no.6 and Cello Concerto
Einojuhani Rautavarra – Angels and Visitations
stefan schmidt – ülykh tror

20160729_195046 crop2Steve Lacy – Only Monk
Steve Lacy – More Monk
Steve Lacy – the Window
Steve Lacy – the Flame
Steve Kuhn – At This Time
Chick Corea – Inner Space
Miroslav Vitous – Universal Syncopations II
Kamasi Washington – the Epic
Kenny Barron & Dave Holland – Montreux 07/12/2016
Maria Schneider – Allegresse
King Crimson – Rehersals and Blows, May-Nov 1983
Yes – Tales from Topographic Oceans
Bo Hansson – Music Inspired By Watership Down
David Cross – Closer Than Skin

Pete Namlook – Summer

20160707_075616 crop

July 7, 2016 – Brooklyn, NY

Karma – Karma
Pete Namlook – Ambient Gardener: Autumn
Bo Hansson – the Lord of the Rings
Bo Hansson – Magician’s Hat
Bo Hansson – Attic Thoughts
Duke Ellington – Anatomy of Murder
Jonny Greenwood – There Will Be Blood
Peter Garland – Love Songs
Anoushka Shankar – Land of Gold
Aphex Twin – Cheetah
Annie Ross Sings A Song With Mulligan
Anna Thorvaldsdottir – Aerial
ICE Performs Anna Thorvaldsdottir
Miroslav Vitous – the Music of Weather Report
Chet Baker – Chet Baker & Strings
Chet Baker – Jazz At Ann Arbor
Harold Budd – Agua

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