35923703_639252456418264_4393058799942893568_nAndrew Hill – Compulsion
Lotte Anker – His Flight’s at Ten
Lotte Anker – Life and Other Transient Storms
Mary Halvorson – Paimon: The Book Of Angels Volume 32
Stanley Jordan – Magic Touch
Reza Vali – Persian Folklore
Arvo Pärt – the Symphonies
Doric Qt, John Adams – Absolute Jest & Naive and Sentimental Music
Thr Blues Magoos – Psychedelic Lollypop
John Benson Brooks – Alabama Concerto
The Butchershop Quartet – Igor Stravinsky, the Rite of Spring
Don Cherry – Mu
Don Cherry – Complete Communion
Don Cherry – Symphony for Improvisors
Don Cherry – Codona I-III
John Coltrane – Stellar Regions
John Coltrane – Expression
Oum Kalthoum – Anthologie De La Musique Arabe Vol. 1
Mohamed Abdel Wahab – Les Archives De La Musique Arabe
Kudsi Erguner Suleyman Erguner – Sufi Music Of Turkey
Debashish Bhattacharya – a Tribute to Tau Moe
Kishori Amonkar – Malhar Malika Vol 3
Batuk Nandy – Golden Memories From Hindi Films On Electric Guitar
Senior Dagar Brothers – Rag Todi In Concert
Senior Dagar Brothers – Rags Bihag, Kamboji, Malkosh
Brij Bhushan Kabra – Lure of the Desert
Zia Mohiuddin Dagar – Raga Yaman


Mack Diner, New Brunswick, NJDave Holland – Uncharted Territories (feat Evan Parker, Craig Taiborn and Ches Smith)
Peter Evans – Genesis
Peter Evans – a Quietness of Water
Peter Evans – Zebulon
Last Exit – Köln
Anthony Braxton – GTM (Iridium) 2007 vol. 1
Anthony Braxton – Composition N.247
Anthony Braxton – Quartet (Mestre) 2008
Anthony Braxton – Quartet Quintet (NYC) 2011
Tyshawn Sorey – The Inner Spectrum Of Variables
Tyshawn Sorey – Verisimilitude
Kris Davis, Ingrid Laubrock, Tyshawn Sorey – Paradoxical Frog
Russ Lossing – As It Grows
Tomasz Stańko – Matka Joanna
Bobo Stenson – Contra La Indecisión
Kamasi Washington – Heaven and Earth
Jakob Bro – Returnings
John Coltrane – Both Directions at Once, the Lost Album
John Fahey – Vol. 1-4
Bill Connors – Assembler
David Bowie – Welcome to the Blackout(Live in London ’78)
Terry Riley – The Palmian Chord Ryddle, At The Royal Majestic
Terry Riley – The Harp Of New Albion
La Monte Young – 90 XII C. 9:35–10:52 pm NYC, The Melodic Version (1984) of The Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer From the Four Dreams of China
Chill Collins: An Ambient Tribute to Phil Collins
Java The Jasmine Isle: Gamelan Music (Nonesuch Explorer)
M.J. Harris • Bill Laswell – Somnific Flux


I listen to a lot of stuff…here’s some things getting spin.

Jon Hassell – Listening to Pictures (Pentimento Volume One)
Simone Dinnerstein – Circles, Glass and Bach
James Tenney – Postal Pieces
James Tenney – Bridging & Flocking
Daniel Goode – Tunnel Funnel
Gamelan Son of Lion – the Complete Gamelan in the New World
Marilyn Crispell and Joseph Jarman – Connecting Spirits
Miguel Zenón – Rayuela
Mathew Shipp’s New Orbit
Shivkumar Sharma – Raga Shri
Kishori Amonkar – Raag Todi
Nancy Lesh – Cello aka Raga Multani and Raga Bhupali
Colosseum II – Strange New Flesh
Colosseum II – Electric Savage
Jeff Beck – Truth
Feeling High, the Psychedeluc Sound of Memphis
John Coltrane – Blue Trane
Michael Mantler – The Jazz Compser’s Orchestra Update
Hoppy Kamiyama and Bill Lawell – a Navel City, No One is There
Bill Laswell – Sacred System One
Bill Laswell – African Dub
Bill Lawsell and MJ Harris – Somniffic Flux
Bill Laswell and Terry Thaemlitz – Web
Last Exit – Iron Path
Sonny Sharock – Guitar
Mary Halvorson – Thumbscrew
Mary Halvorson – Illusionary Sea
Mary Halvorson – Code Girl
Mary Halvorson – Meltframe
Thumbscrew – Ours


Joshua Redman – Still Dreaming
Bill Dixon Soul Note Black Saint box (9:15 hours!)

David Tudor – Neural Synthesis
David Tudor – Three Works for Live Electronics
Charles Wuorinen – the Golden Dance, Piano Concerto no3
Charles Wuorinen – Tashi, Fortune, Cello Variations
Charles Wuorinen – Times Encomium
Steven Schick, red fish blue fish – Xenakis: Percussion Works
Erling Wold – I Weep

Fripp & Eno – Evening Star
Fripp & Eno – Live in Paris, 28.5.1975
Robert Fripp – the League of Gentleman (original vinyl version)
Charlemagne Palestine – Four Manifestations on Six Elements
Thomas Koner – Tiento de la Luz

ripped most of my Bill Laswell 85+ CDs for convenience…for example:

Bill Laswell – Distill
Bill Laswell and Terre Thaemlitz – Web
Bill Laswell and MJ Harris – Somnific Flux
all those Axiom and Subharmonic albums

Yardbirds ’68

Robert Fripp & The League Of Gentlemen – The League Of Gentlemen (1981)

Brian Eno

Brian Eno – Music for Installations
Jethro Tull – Thick as a Brick
Bruford – Feels Good to Me
MJ12 with Percy Jones
Brand X – Locked & Loaded
Peter Locketts Network of Sparks with Bill Bruford – One
Neu! 75
Michael Gordon – Clouded Yellow
Michael Brook, U Srinivas – Dream

Angelica Sanchez and Leo Smith – Twine Forest
Harris Eisenstadt – September Trio
Angelica Sanchez – Float the Edge
Michael Formanek – the Rub and Spare Change
Michael Formanek – Small Places
Matt Shipp and Roscoe Mitchell – Accelerated Projection
Joey Baron and Bill Frisell – Just Listen
The Complete Black Lion Recordings of Thelonious Monk

glenn-branca-obit-ebc77dbc-269a-46c3-a15d-ab28c7bc5eeabGlenn Branca passed away a few days ago. Here are some things I tweeted afterwards.

Shocking news this afternoon…Glenn Branca’s microtonal guitar symphonies were a big influence on me when I finally got my own microtonal gtr. Take care Glenn…the world is a better place because you were here and made music. ☹️

I never heard the microtonal symphonies performed, but when Bang on a Can premiered Music for Airports, they played a Branca piece.

I heard a pair of 12tet symphonies at the Kitchen and had to leave because it was so loud. It was later released on DVD.

I also heard another 12tet symphony at the Brooklyn Anchorage. So loud, crap was falling from the ceiling.

Brooklyn Anchorage: that was the time I correctly IDed Keenan Lawler strolling around. Kind of strange, considering I never met Keenan and didn’t know what he looked like. The psychic powers of heavy drinking, strange side effect.

There was another time at the Leonard Knitting Factory. He was doing something with Zev, smoking on stage in a non smoking room.

I remember reading about him and bought a copy of Gloria, Symphony no.3 when it came out.


31124745_2106946549321464_4192417945872479249_nA lot of Cecil Taylor, Matt Shipp, ECM, David Liebman & Marc Copland…and more.

Cecil Taylor – Nuits De La Fondation Maeght
Cecil Taylor – One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye
Cecil Taylor – It Is In The Brewing Luminous
Cecil Taylor – Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!
…and a lot of the WKCR Cecil Taylor memorial broadcasts.

Wes Montgomery – Far Wes
Wes Montgomery – Guitar on the Go
Wes Montgomery – Bumpin
Miles Davis and John Coltrane – the Final Tour
David Binney – the Luxury of Guessing
Matt Shipp – To Duke
Matt Shipp – By the Law of Music
Sun Ra – Nuits de la Fondation Maeght
John Stevens with Allan Holdsworth – Conversation Piece
Roscoe Mitchell – More Cutouts
Jackie McLean – Capuchin Swing
Marilyn Crispell – In Motian
Marilyn Crispell – Deep Memory
Ed Bickert – Bye Bye Baby
Kenny Wheeler – Six for Six
Michael Walden – Garden of Love Light
Ginger Baker’s Air Force

ECM Records

Jakob Bro – Returnings
Mathias Eick – Ravensburg
Tomasz Stańko – Wislawa
Kristjan Randalu with Ben Monder – Absence
Steve Eliovson – Dawn Dance
Paul McCandless – Skylight


Brand X – Product
Brand X – But Wait… There’s More! Live 2017
King Crimson – Live in Vienna
Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
Bruford Levin Upper Extremities BLUE Nights
Al DiMeola with Tony Levin and Bill Bruford – Scenario
Yes – Fly From Here/Return Trip

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